What is Twitter Advertising

Have you been asking yourself the question how does twitter advertising work for small businesses? This page will help you understand twitter advertising and the options available,
When it comes to Social Media Twitter is one of the most popular choices. Nowadays its not only about posting content to your own timeline and that of your followers.

You can promote your business products or services via Twitter Ad Campaigns to timelines of other users. Growing your reach within your local area or further afield.

Twitter Ads is highly customisable to target people by location, age or interest. or a mix of all.

In addition you can advertise to set twitter accounts.

You can target your Twitter Ad based on:

Location - Connect with a specific county, region or town.
Gender - Reach out to male or female clients.
Interests - Connect with users whose interests align with your business.
Language – Reach out to people who understand a particular language.
Followers – Target followers who are most likely to be interested in your products/services.
Device - Target people based on the device they use to access Twitter.
Behaviours – Reach out to people based on shopping & spending patterns.
Tailored Audiences – Use your own CRM list to target specific users.
Keyword – Deliver a timely message based on what users have recently engaged with on Twitter/Retweeted.

Twitter Ad Campaign Types

There are 4 different types of Ad Campaigns:-

  • Website Visits Campaign – bringing more people from Twitter to your website.
  • Followers Campaign – followers are incredibly valuable to a business.
  • Awareness Campaign – amplify your message.
  • Tweet Engagements Campaign – get more people taking about your business.

Website Visits Campaign

People use Twitter everyday to discover new products/services or connect with their interests. If you effectively showcase your business/promotion and direct potential clients to your website.

Costs – You will only be charged for the clicks to your website acquired by the campaign.

Twitter Follower Campaign

The followers that you have will amplify your message on and off Twitter. Promoting your account can help build an engaged audience. If someone follows you on Twitter not only do they see your Tweets they are more likely to become a customer.

Costs – You will only be charged for the follows you acquire through the campaign.

Twitter Awareness Campaign

Awareness Campaigns can increase your business brand awareness by getting as many people as possible to see your chosen Tweet. The added bonus with this choice of campaign is people are more likely to follow you, visit your website or retweet the message.

Costs – The objective of this campaign is to drive better awareness of your brand. You only pay for the number of impressions (CPM).

People on Twitter love to share interesting content, get involved in conversations and connect with others outside of their followers. A Tweet Campaign promotes your Tweets to a targeted group of people. Tweets will be labelled as promoted, they can be retweeted, replied to, liked and more.

Costs – You will only be charged for engagements on your Promoted Tweets.

Tweet Engagements Campaign


1. Are you currently using Twitter?
2. Have you considered Twitter Ad Campaigns?
3. Is your local competitors already reaching out to your customer base on twitter?
4. If you have twitter are you regularly tweeting, engaging and following?
5. Are you reaching out to the correct target audience?

Promote your
Tweets and maximise
your reach

Twitter Ads and social sharing are the modern day equivalent to word of mouth. With every online marketing campaign you must have a strategy. Consistently creating engaging ads to make people aware of who you are and what you do is now pivotal in raising local awareness.

How Grow Me Local Can Help.

Within our local business marketing monthly package not only will we set up your social accounts or analyse if you have an existing twitter, we can also incorporate Twitter Ads.

We will research your industry and potential client base to see which audience to reach out to, helping you grow local awareness. Creating engaging Ads with strong call to action.

Check your local SEO score and see how much local awareness your business has.

Points to take away.

  • Advertising on Twitter enables you to target people within your location.
  • A daily budget or campaign budget gets added, keeping you in control of cost.
  • The Twitter Ad Campaign can be stopped at the touch of a button.
  • Ad clicks are fully analysable so we can observe what is working.
  • Twitter has over 16 million UK users.