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Local Business Marketing 

Local marketing has more opportunities than ever before. The present and future of awareness locally is mobile.
85% of UK adults own a smartphone. 79% of those use their device for local search.
How mobile friendly and local aware is your business?

Smartphone Ownership by Age


Your Local Business Marketing
needs to be mobile

75% of all digital spend by 2020 will be mobile
90% of daily active Facebook users do so via mobile
40% of mobile searches have local intent
42% smartphone ownership increase in over 55s, now 71%
26% of people that contact a local business require immediate service
79% use their device for local search
85% of UK adults own a smartphone
36% searched local needed the business within the month
We all have a smartphone, spending on average 5hrs per day on the device. Done right this gives local companies the ability to interact with their local audience more now than anytime in history.
80% of all purchases start with search
27% of uk adults internet access is smartphone only (computer only is 14%)
61% of users that go to a website which is not mobile will go to a competitor
97% of under 25s own a smartphone
36% of 18/24 age group are data exclusive users
Over 65% of emails are first opened on mobile.
45% of users are likely not to return to a site they had a negative experience on
SOURCE: Google, Deloitte, emarketer, smart insights, adweek & strategic trends
  • Up to date Mobile Responsive Fast https Website
  • Regular content updates
  • Facebook awareness
  • Twitter awareness
  • Selected targeted awareness advertising on social
  • Selected Google targeted advertising
  • Email marketing, keeping customers in the loop
  • Analysing Data to understand what’s happening
  • Monthly detailed reports for your marketing
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Access to Graphic Design for online & offline
  • Managed Google & Apple maps
  • Manage Google My Business
  • Growing email lists
  • Google Retargeting
  • Influential business listing management
  • Follow Googles Webmaster guidelines
  • Improving website speed & user interaction
  • Competitor checking
  • Consistency in your marketing

We consistently take care of your local marketing.

Our packages cover all the areas you need to grow local awareness. Starting with a fast https mobile responsive website. Even if you have a website we are confident we can do it better and will place your content onto our site format. Like your existing site? No problems we can replicate it onto our format while ensuring it is all modern day ready.
Now you have your website in place we go about helping you raise awareness locally. We help you connect to people looking your service, while helping you build overall awareness on a daily and weekly basis.
The result is more local awareness and website growth coupled with access to endless data pulled together by professionals. Its like having your own hundred thousand pound in-house marketing team without the burden or financial cost.

Grow Me Local

We understand it is daunting knowing where to start or improve. Don’t ignore local mobile marketing, it is the future of getting your brand out locally. Outsourcing to us gives you consistency in your marketing for a single monthly fee.